Refund Policy

A.  Services will be refunded (minus card processing fees and minus the value of the service that is provided up to the point you cancel) provided we are notified within 14 days of the purchase taking place.

B.  When cancelling your services, it is your responsibility to cancel any automated payments after this period. Any additional amounts received after the cancellation notice period which is not owed for any services provided will be refunded to you.

C.  No refunds are available in respect of parts of a package. You may request a refund for any unused postage deposit when cancelling your services. However, any postage deposit that was added by us due to it being part of a special offer, part of full package or gesture of goodwill, is not eligible for a refund.

D.  If a mail forwarding service is part of our Ultimate package, a refund cannot be given. If we have given you a postage deposit top up as a gesture of good will, the funds are not refundable. 
If any portion of the service has been provided, this will be deducted from the refundable amount.

How do I request a refund?

Refund requests must be sent to along with your account number, order number (if applicable), company name, and the reason for the refund. Refunds will go back to the original method of payment between 3-7 working days along with a confirmation email.

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