How do I change my mail forwarding option?

With the Mailbox Plus, Mailbox Pro or the Virtual Office packages, you can choose between the following mail forwarding options:

  • Post When Arrives
  • Post Weekly on Fridays
  • Post at the End of the Month
  • Collect
  • Scan
  • Scan and Collect
  • Scan and Post

When initially signing up for your service, you simply select one of the above. Please note: the Just Scan and Mailbox Basic package do not offer the flexibility of changing the mail forwarding options.

To change how your mail is forwarded:

Go to My Services (login required) and click on your account number
Scroll down to Preferences and click Change
All the possible mail forwarding options will be shown on the next page. If you do not see the mail forwarding options, if may be due to the type of package you have.

Select the mail forwarding option and click Save

Please note: If you select any of the Scan options, you will need to enter an email address of where you want your scanned emails sent to.

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