How do I top up my postage/phone deposit?

To top up your postage deposit:

  1. Go to My Deposits (login required).
  2. Select either the Mail or Phone tab, and click View.
  3. Click the Add to Basket button. You'll be taken to the checkout where you'll make a payment online.

    Your top up amount is calculated based on either 4 weeks usage or £20, whichever is more. This prevents your deposit from going into the negative and ensures your mail can always be sent on to you.

Please note: if your postage deposit runs out completely we won't be able to forward your mail until there is enough credit to cover your postage and/or handling charges.

Regular postage top-ups: 
If you find yourself regularly having to top up your deposit, you may want to sign up to our fixed price mail forwarding service instead:

With the fixed price plan, no postage deposit is required, however, it is subject to a fair use policy of 30 letters a month. Please get in touch if you would like to change your plan.

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