Storage of parcels

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What happens when we receive a parcel for you

We will email you as soon as we receive any parcels for you (a parcel is defined as any item weighing over 1kg). Small parcels that can fit through a letterbox, are sent via standard 1st class post and normal Royal Mail charges will apply.

If your account is set to 'collect', your parcel will be stored and available to collect during our office hours of Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

If your account is set to 'post when arrives'; there will be a separate charge required before we post the parcel. It is then sent via courier or Royal Mail, depending on the weight and where the item is going.


All parcels we receive (regardless of when they are collected or sent out) will automatically incur our standard handling charge of £2.50 per item. This handling charge will be automatically deducted from your postage deposit.

If your account is set to 'post when arrives', we'll calculate the cost of forwarding your parcel which is then emailed you. Once we receive your payment, we will forward your parcel. 

Please note, we have limited storage space available at our offices, and to bear this in mind if you collect your parcel. Parcels that are not collected within 5 working days (including the day of receipt) will incur a storage charge of £5.00 per week per item commencing on the 6th day, which will have to be paid before the item is released. 

Parcels collected within 5 working days from the date we received it, will not incur any storage fees. Only the £2.50 handling charge will apply.

We will not accept any items weighing more than 10kg or larger than 60cm x 60cm in dimension.  We impose this limit because we are primarily a mail-forwarding service. Unfortunately, we do not have the storage facilities to house large parcels.

Should you need to make any payments for storage fees, you will need to go to log into your account then, Outstanding Payments > My Payments.

A guideline of mail forwarding charges can be found here.


What happens if I forget to pay the storage fee?
We will send you friendly reminder emails if your parcel is in storage. If the storage fee remains unpaid after 7 days from when the parcel first arrived, your services may be suspended. After 14 days of non-payment, unfortunately, your parcel will be returned to sender (where possible) or destroyed.

What if I do not want the parcel?
You can send an email to or from the email registered to your account along with your account number and company name, advising you do not want the parcel. The parcel will be returned to sender (where possible) or destroyed. We will then remove or refund any storage fees paid.

Can I collect my parcel instead?
Yes, please reply to the email advising us you would like to collect your parcel. Please do not forget to bring your ID upon arrival. 

A full description of our storage of post/parcels can be found in our terms and conditions.

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